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FOX    HYDRAULIC PRESS,   Manual, Air, Electric        
 All Ram cylinders, pumps and Gauges available. 

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All Fox Hydraulic Shop Presses, pumps & cylinders are made in the U.S.A.  100% American. This press is designed by professionals for professionals.  FOX presses come with a full one-year warranty.

Presses undergo extensive QC testing as we build to tolerences beyond stated values. They are quality tested and built to last. The frame is of solid engineering design and all welds and mounts exceed industry specifications. The cylinder head moves smoothly side to side and the work table adjusts height easily. This committment to detail is why FOX quality is the industry mark of excellence. Competitors have actually purchased our presses as a template.

Our Team's attention to detail and customer needs has kept us in business over 28 years.

The FOX Press is ideal for removal and installation of gears, bushings, universal joints, pulleys, wrist pins, bearings, bending/straightening metal and other various jobs. The presses are used in garages, repair shops, dealerships, fleets, farms, marina, training institutions, and production facilities.  Even NASA and SpaceX are satisfied customers!

Join the list of FOX customers. We love what we do and will serve you well.